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No ductwork isn’t a problem for Johnson's Refrigeration, Inc..  We tackle any challenge and deliver an end result that keeps you perfectly comfortable.  You don’t need to tear down walls, patch, paint, sacrifice valuable space, or live with mess and disruption.  You don’t to give up the view from your favorite window, live with extension cords stretched across the rug, or invest in additional wiring.  Instead, Johnson's Refrigeration, Inc. brings you consistent, quiet, and affordable temperature control with the installation of a ductless mini- or multi-split system.

Find out if a ductless HVAC system is right for you!

Ductless air conditioners and heat pumps not only feel good, but look good in your home.  Installation is invisible and requires little more than a three-inch hole in an exterior wall.  While the indoor units are lightweight and compact, they are definitely powerful enough to handle local weather concerns.  With innovations in design and technology, state-of-the-art ductless systems actively work to not only maintain consistent temperatures but minimize energy use.  Whether you’re interested in a free estimate, new installation, replacement, seasonal maintenance, or 24/7 repair, contact Johnson's Refrigeration, Inc..  We’ll setup an appointment that’s convenient and handle your project with unwavering dedication to your satisfaction.

Learn more about the benefits of a ductless HVAC installation, and have your new system serviced and repaired by our professional team!

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Johnson's Refrigeration, Inc. brings you rewards without drawbacks.  Our NATE-certified technicians remain on top of product development, installation/service procedures, and cutting-edge technology.  We regularly participate in factory training, rely on genuine Factory Authorized parts when possible, and service all makes and models.  We combine extensive in-field experience, skilled workmanship, and leading products to ensure reliable operation, maximum efficiency, and extended service life.  Established in 1977, Johnson's Refrigeration, Inc. continues to provide home and business owners across the Pee Dee Region with the economical and trustworthy service that has always set us apart.

Some of the many rewarding benefits of ductless HVAC from Johnson's Refrigeration, Inc. include:

  • The outdoor compressor provides power to the indoor unit, so there’s no need for additional wiring.
  • Inverter technology enables the system to automatically adjust to changing requirements within the home, maintaining even temperatures and minimizing energy use.
  • Ductless cooling systems consume less power than conventional cooling units, keeping costs low.
  • Configuration options let you target specific areas, eliminating energy waste in rooms that are not being utilized.
  • Because each indoor unit features it’s own thermostat, temperatures in individual rooms can be tailored to meet personal preferences.
  • Air circulation is confined to specific zones, preventing cross-contamination of air.
  • Sophisticated filtration systems ensure a clean, healthy source of breathing air.
  • Lightweight and compact indoor units can be mounted high on an exterior wall or flush into a drop ceiling for better aesthetics.
  • Outdoor units feature slim profiles, and with line lengths up to 82 feet, can be positioned in an unobtrusive location.
  • Both the indoor and outdoor units are exceptionally quiet, for non-disruptive operation.
  • The energy waste, maintenance costs, and air quality problems of ductwork are eliminated.
  • Installation can usually be completed in a single day.
  • Wireless remote lets you make adjustments more conveniently.
  • With a simple touch of a button, you can switch from heating to cooling, increase or decrease temperature, and adjust settings.
  • Modern ductless systems feature enhanced dehumidification, and won’t overly dry indoor air during heating mode.
  • Outstanding SEER and HSPF ratings ensure year round, efficient comfort.

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